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Welcome to ElevateU – the All-in-one A.I Digital Textbook Publisher

We bridge the gap between in-person and digital learning. We’re your personal textbook marketing powerhouse.

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If you’re a University or College that wants to learn more about implementing
our LMS or textbooks school-wide reach out and we’ll be happy to help.

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If you’re a professor ElevateU offers all these resources
for free to you and your students.

The only thing students pay for is the digital textbook (course work included)!
Every other resource is included for free, period.


  • Why bring your coursework/textbook to ElevateU or create a new AI digital textbook?
  • ElevateU published professors get full control over their classrooms. Teach your course, your way.
  • We offer royalties 3 times more than the industry standard, equaling thousands more per year.
  • You get the final cut. We only publish upon your final review. You own your content, not the institution.
  • It’s free for professors! And we donate a percentage of profit to educational non-profits and foundations.


  • Bring your class to life with ElevateU’s artificial intelligence.
  • We market your textbook to hundreds of other schools and departments across the nation, which means more buyers.
  • With your own team dedicated to helping you with the publication process, we combine your expert knowledge and course materials with artificial intelligence and publishing experts to create and design the class you want to give. (PowerPoints, quizzes, knowledge checks, exams, videos, graphs, interactive real-time assessment tools, and much more.)

For Professors:

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